Quade includes a Settings class that encapsulates various configuration options.

Available Settings

class quade.Settings(**kwargs)[source]

A callable that restricts access to Quade’s views. The callable should accept one argument (a Django view class).

Default: is_superuser()


Controls which environments Quade can run on.

Allowed values are:

  • DebugEnvs
  • AllEnvs
  • a string – your django.conf.settings.ENV is compared exactly to this string
  • an iterable – your django.conf.settings.ENV is checked exactly for membership in the iterable
  • any callable that accepts one argument, the Django settings object

If Quade is not enabled, fixtures will not be loaded, but views will be available to users with appropriate access, application models and tables can be accessed, etc.

Default: DebugEnvs


A dotted path to the location of your fixtures.

Default: quade.fixtures


Whether to use Celery to set up a Record.

Enabling this is useful if your fixtures take a long time to run.

See Using Celery for additional details.

Default: False

Convenience Classes and Methods

class quade.settings.AllEnvs[source]

Enable Quade unconditionally.

class quade.settings.DebugEnvs[source]

Enable Quade if the environment has DEBUG = True.


Allow access to the view if the requesting user is a superuser.